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    Everyone should think about their ecological footprint. This starts with the choice of clothing: Green fashion is made with respect for people and the environment.

    Sustainable fashion – what does that mean?

    Sustainable fashion – also called fair fashion, eco fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion , organic fashion or eco- fashion – refers to clothing and accessories whose production does not harm people or the environment.

    What is important in sustainable fashion?

    Sustainable fashion stays in circulation for as long as possible. These are textiles that are manufactured in harmony with people and nature. This means that on the one hand it is made of sustainable materials, but on the other hand it is manufactured under fair conditions.

    Every step in production aims to ensure that the clothing stays in circulation for as long as possible. The following points are important:

    1. Resource-saving production

    Short delivery routes and low water and energy consumption are important points against the waste of raw materials. Bamboo is a good raw material; it grows up to one meter in a day. Alternatively, the use of recycled materials is also important. For example, Eisbär has developed the ReWool collection, which is based on recycling.

    1. Materials made from organic raw materials

    Natural and biodegradable materials are used to produce green fashion. The manufacturers do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Synthetic fibers are fundamentally harmful to the environment, not only during production, but also when washing clothes, as so-called microplastics are created every time they are machine washed. Also important is Merino wool, which is 100% mulesing-free.

    1. Locally produced clothing

    Short supply chains are an important part of sustainable fashion, locally produced products support this as they save CO2. The Chiemgau Factory label is a good pioneer here, production is in beautiful Chiemgau.

    1. Recycling and upcycling

    You can often make something out of old clothes and fabrics. The label ReHats Berlin relies on old coffee bags and jeans - the designers make something new from discarded materials.

    1. Good working conditions and fair trade

    But the people who make our products are also important. This means reasonable prices for raw materials, no child labor, good working conditions and fair wages.

    Buy sustainably – high-quality brands are waiting

    If you want to buy sustainable hat fashion, you will find a range of high-quality brands at Hutwelt. Below

    • Icebear
    • Pouring wine
    • Capo
    • Maximo
    • Pure Pury by Bauer
    • Bavarian caps
    • Chiemgau Factory
    • ESKA
    • Little kings
    • Kübl
    • ReHats Berlin

    A large selection of sustainable headwear is waiting in the online shop. Do something good for yourself and the environment!

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